Academic and Teaching Staff

Unless otherwise stated staff are based in the Parry-Williams Building.

NameEmailTelephoneRoomJob Title
Dr Anwen Jones 01970 621659 S15 Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies (Welsh Medium)
Margaret Ames 01970 628488 S20 Lecturer and Senior Tutor
Rhodri ap Dyfrig  01970 621982   Teaching Fellow
Simon Banham 01970 628573   Senior Lecturer in Scenographic Studies
Professor Martin Barker     Emeritus Professor of Film Television Studies
Professor Birgit Beumers   01970 622958 FS4 Professor of Film Studies
Dr Greg Bevan 01970 622835 S10

Lecturer in Media Production

David Blumfield 01970 621984 F10 Tutor in Theatre Studies
Mike Brookes     Creative Teaching & Research Fellow
Dr Glen Creeber 01970 628577 S06 Senior Lecturer in Television Studies
Richard Downing 01970 621505   Lecturer in Scenography & Theatre Design
Dr Kate Egan 01970 628717 F11 Departmental Postgraduate Research Coordinator and Lecturer in Film Studies
Dr Gareth Evans 01970 622679 FF3 Lecturer in Creative Arts (Welsh Medium)
Dr Andrew Filmer 01970 628487 S07 Curriculum Leader for Theatre, Performance and Scenography & Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance
Dr Alison Forsyth 01970 628652 F07 Lecturer in Drama
Professor Richard Gough      Emeritus Professor of Theatre & Performance
Lucy Gough 01970 621510 FS1 Creative Teaching & Research Fellow
Jill Greenhalgh 01970 622878 FF4 Lecturer in Performance Studies
Dr Merris Griffiths 01970 622829 S04

Director of Undergraduate Studies & Lecturer in Media

Dr Karoline Gritzner 01970 621507 F09 Lecturer in Drama
Professor Matt Hills 01970 621594 FS3 Professor of Film & TV Studies
Elin Haf Jones 01970 622533  FS7 Professor in Broadcasting (Welsh medium) & Mercator Institute Director
Dr Liz Jones 01970 622683 P5 Building Teaching Fellow
Sarah Penrhyn Jones   01970 68472 FG1 Lecturer in Media Production
Dr Stephanie Jones   01970 621746 F14 Teaching Fellow in Film & Television
Professor Adrian Kear 01970 622834 S22 Professor of Theatre & Performance
Dr Kim Knowles 01970 628700 FS2 Lecturer in Film Studies
Reuben Knuston   01970 621746 F14 Teaching Fellow in Film & Television
Professor Gideon Koppel   01970 628491 B29 - Hugh Owen Professor of Film
Eddie Ladd     Creative Teaching & Research Fellow
Dr Jamie Medhurst 01970 622152 S13

Senior Lecturer in Media & Communication

Elin Morse 01970 628686 S12 Teaching Fellow
Roderick Munday 01970 621820  C61 - Hugh Owen Teaching Fellow
Dr Paul Newland 01970 622952 S05 Senior Lecturer in Film & Director of Research for ILLCA
Professor Tom O'Malley     Emeritus Professor of Media Studies 
Dr Rowan O'Neill     Creative Teaching & Research Fellow
Dr Roger Owen 01970 622836 FF2 Lecturer in Drama (Welsh medium)
Professor David Ian Rabey 01970 622830 F08 Professor of Drama & Theatre Studies
Dr Lisa Richards 01970 621746 F14 Teaching Fellow in Film & Television
Dr Louise Ritchie 01970 628477 S21 Deputy Director of Marketing and Recruitment & Lecturer in Theatre and Performance
Professor Heike Roms 01970 621911 FF5 Professor in Performance Studies
Dr Dafydd Sills-Jones 01970 628464 B33a - Hugh Owen Director of Postgraduate Studies & Lecturer in Television & Documentary
Professor Elan Closs Stephens     Emeritus Professor of Communications & Creative Industries
Dr Sarah Thomas 01970 621605 S03 Curriculum Leader for Film and Television & Lecturer in Film
Simon Whitehead       Creative Teaching & Research Fellow
Dr Kate Woodward 01970 628686 S12 Curriculum Leader for Welsh Medium Schemes & Lecturer in Theatre, Film & Television Studies (Welsh Medium)
Dr Piotr Woycicki  01970 621840 FF1 Lecturer in Theatre & Performance

Visiting Staff

Nicholas McInerny
Rhys D Williams


Technical Staff

NameEmailTelephoneJob Title
Unless otherwise stated staff are based in the Parry-Williams Building.
Dorian Jones 01970 621508 Technical Manager (Film & TV)
Becky Mitchell 01970 621653 Technical Manager (Theatre)
Andrea Wiltshire 01970 628400 Theatre Technician (Costume)
Przemek Sobkowicz 01970 622111 Technician (Film & TV)
Ellen Dingstad 01970 622111 Technician (Graduate Trainee)
Chris Stewart 01970 621654 Theatre Technician
Stephen Griffiths 01970 621654 Theatre Technician
Barney Smith 01970 621654 Theatre Technician (Graduate Trainee)

Administrative Staff

NameEmailTelephoneRoom     Job Title
Unless otherwise stated staff are based in the Parry-Williams Building.
Dr Rebecca Edwards   01970 621651 F13 Portfolio Manager (External) 
Catrin Davies 01970 622644 S14 Academic Operations Officer 
Martine Smith 01970 628648 F13 Academic Operations Administrator
Ceris Medhurst-Jones   01970 621517 F13 Portfolio Manager (PG & Research)
Nicholas Strong 01970 628471 Department Office Student Experience Assistant
Maddie Hinkin 01970 628471 Department Office Student Experience Assistant


The Mercator Institute for Media, Languages and Culture

NameEmailTelephoneJob Title
For Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones please see the Academic Staff list above.
Unless otherwise stated staff are based at the Mercator office on the Parry-Williams Building
Alexandra Büchler 0161 2490235 Director of Literature Across Frontiers (Manchester & Aberystwyth)
Huw Owen 01970 622150 Catalogue of Translations into Welsh Project Officer
Sioned Puw Rowlands 01970 622544 Director of Wales Literature Exchange (Aberystwyth & Paris)
Ania Rolewska 01970 622241 Project Coordinator
Ned Thomas 01970 622133 President, Departmental Fellow, Catalogue of Translations into Welsh Project Manager
Mari Sion
01970 622544 Project Coordinator

Subject Support Librarian (Information Services)


Joy Cadwallader

01970 621908 Hugh Owen Library





Other Associated Staff

For a full list of all associated staff including honorary professors and departmental fellows please see the Other Associated Staff page.